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ACO StormBrixx


ACO StormBrixx® – Geocellular Stormwater Storage Products for Detention, Retention, Reuse & Infiltration

StormBrixx® SD – Standard Duty Tanks (HS-20)

StormBrixx® HD – Heavy Duty Tanks (HS-25)

ACO StormBrixx

ACO Stormbrixx is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system.  Designed for surface water infiltration and storage, its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) scheme.

ACO StormBrixx: Assembly and Installation

StormBrixx being assembled and installed.

ACO StormBrixx Build Comparison

To showcase the speed and ease of StormBrixx construction, our R&D Supervisor was kind enough to give a timed demonstration alongside a product sold elsewhere.

ACO StormBrixx Install: Porterville, CA

ACO StormBrixx installed at Strathmore High School in Porterville, CA.

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Brickbonding of Main Bodies

Brick-bonding is a technique to interlock ACO StormBrixx modules together in an overlapping manner. This method can be performed in both horizontal directions, ensuring that tanks of any size can be assembled and fully interlocked.

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Cut a Main Body in Half

Depending on your project, you may need to cut an ACO StormBrixx module into two equal pieces. Here’s how!

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Install Side Panels

Side panel perimeters for the entire system offer a sound base for laying geotextile fabric. One side panel fits one module (two assembled half-modules). Learn how to install them here!

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Install Top Covers

Top Covers are used to close off the openings of the columns on the top-most layer of the geoceullular system. These covers prevent ground cover material from being pushed into the columns under the load. Learn how to install them here!

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Layer Connectors

When assembling multiple layers of ACO StormBrixx, the layers are aligned and secured by two Layer Connectors clicked together. Learn how Layer Connectors work today!

ACO StormBrixx How-To Series: Pipe Connection into Remote Access Unit

The Remote Access Unit and Extension Shafts are used to gain access to an installed ACO StormBrixx system. Learn how to install these products today!

Inside the Blueprint Featuring ACO StormBrixx

Comparative Testing of Plastic Underground Geocellular Stormwater Systems